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Goodness Gracious Gift * The Gratitude Package is the perfect gift for anyone that appreciates the art of being mindful or is interested in practising gratitude.

Ethical and thoughtful gifts, perfect for warrior women – new mums, sisters, friends, aunties, mums, vegans, cousins, nieces and you.

The regular practice of gratitude enables us to reflect and be thankful which in turn brings on positive emotions. It has even been scientific proves that people are found to feel more alive, they sleep better, they express more compassion and kindness and even have a stronger immune system.

Gratitude journaling works because it slowly changes the way we perceive situations by adjusting what we focus on.

Inside the box:

Gratitude Journal

Organic Meditation Candle

Good Vibes Enamel Pin

teapig Clean n Green Tea

Find out more about the individual items by clicking above. You will be taken to a more detailed page of each item to ensure you are 100% sure what is inside the box.


VG = Vegan

CF = Cruelty-Free


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