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Goodness Gracious Gift: Good Feels – The Self-Care Package is an ethical and thoughtful gift perfect for warrior women – new mums, sisters, friends, aunties, mums, vegans, cousins, nieces and you.

The Self-Care Package allows you time to stop, breath, rest and recharge.

So many of us sadly feel that self-care is selfish when actually, it’s highly important, very good practice and highly effective in order to maintain the balance in life.

A good self-care plan leads on to beautiful self-love.

Inside the box:

Self-Care Book – 170-page book

Booj Booja Chocolates (VG)

teapigs (VG) full-size pack

Inspiration Candle


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VG = Vegan

CF = Cruelty-Free


*** Booja Booja Chocolate contains nuts ***


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