With the ever-increasing rise of veganism, the importance of self-care and consumers needing more choice to buy ethical goods; Goodness Gracious Gift was born and had filled the gap by supplying beautiful, ethical, cruelty-free, holistic items to gift to yourself or to your loved ones.

Founder Katrina Bruni is a vegan and only buys cruelty-free, vegan and organic products and had led this lifestyle for some time.

Her passion for leading a happier and healthier lifestyle has led her to create these gift boxes which are perfect gifts for vegans, ethical and mindful souls.

Each box has been carefully crafted with the receiver in mind. Check out each box and its content to see which box best suits you or your receiver.

At Goodness Gracious Gift, we aim to provide the best service possible and that’s why all the items are presented in a beautiful snap shut box, laid on bright coloured paper filler and wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper. Each box is then shipped in a box mailer for extra safe transportation via Parcelforce courier service.

Inside each box will be a thank you card and the option to personalise a small note if you wish.

If you have further requirements, we will do our best to meet these. Drop us an email with your request and we will see what we can do. For by turkey tours please check our sister company’s website The Sultanahmet.

For corporate gifts please email: